Demi Lovato Wants to "Give Your Heart a Break"

Singer Demi Lovato
Getty Images

The latest single from Demi Lovato, "Give Your Heart a Break," is getting a lot of love from her fans. Now that we know the video will premiere April 2nd on E! News, we can get the countdown started! 

"Give Your Heart a Break" is the second single from Demi's new album, Unbroken. The song's all about meeting the person you care so much about that you want to make sure they know you're going to treat their love and affection with care. Maybe their heart's been broken before, but it's different with you! Oh Demi, girl, haven't we all been there? We feel you!

Needless to say, we're loving the song. It's so cute and catchy. By the time you get to the last chorus, you just can't help bopping your head and humming along: "Don't wanna break your heart / Wanna give your heart a break." 

We can't wait for the video! The sneak peeks that have been released so far show some coy flirtation between Demi and a shirtless guy.

Can a video be both sexy and innocent at the same time? Because that's the vibe we're getting so far. Let's see which way the pendulum swings when the video debuts on Monday.

Do you like Demi Lovato's new single "Give Your Heart a Break"? Watch the teaser clip below!