Demi Lovato Returns to Rehab - As Speaker

Demi Lovato returned to rehab recently – but this time, she wasn’t a patient.

Yesterday, our December/January cover girl returned to the same Chicago treatment center she was a patient in last year. The 19-year-old singer/actress spent a few months in rehabilitation over a history of emotional and physical issues that stemmed from her childhood, before being released this past spring.

It was an inspiring day for Lovato, who took to Twitter to share with her more than 5 million followers. “Wow what an inspiring day... Many tears were shed and many memories were brought back at Timberline Knolls today,” the teen star wrote.

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Since her release from rehab this year, Lovato has opened up about her past eating disorders and history of being bullied. Back in September, the former Disney starlet told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that said she went from having many friends to none at school, which helped contribute to her cutting behavior. Lovato also admitted to “self-medicating: through drugs and alcohol.

In her cover interview with Latina Magazine, the teen phenomenon told us she thought she would lose everything when she entered rehab. “I didn’t know if I would have a career at all when I came home,” she said. “So it really hit me – I hadn’t been grateful.”

Demi Lovato: "I’m Held More Accountable to Stay Healthy Now"

Lovato added that she was glad she hit rock bottom when she did. “Most people don’t have those moments. I see a lot of young people in this industry who feel entitled because they haven’t hit rock bottom yet,” she said. “I feel blessed when I get an opportunity now.” And she seems to be doing well. Lovato had a tremendous comeback this summer and her star power continues to climb.

As for her visit back to Timberline Knolls, Lovato said she was “so honored” to have gone back to speak to women being treated there now.

“Life is beautiful.... You are worthy of it,” she tweeted.