Daniela Bobadilla Says ‘Anger Management’ Co-Star Charlie Sheen Tells Her to ‘Cover her Ears’ for R-Rated Scenes

Anger Management was an instant hit from the moment it premiered. Now in its second season, the show, starring the infamous Charlie Sheen as a former baseball player turned therapist specializing in anger management, is showing no signs of stopping. We chatted with Mexican raising star Daniela Bobadilla, 19, about playing Charlie’s daughter Sam, what the third season has in store, and more. Check it out below!

Anger Management has broken ratings records and got renewed for a new season. Did you expect the show to be such a huge hit?

I can’t say I didn’t think about it, but never to this magnitude. I mean it all started with one episode and to now have reached 100 is amazing. I always believe in taking a risk and hoping that you make it, but I never thought it was going to be this huge.

What has your experience been like playing Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sam?

It has been an amazing journey. We are shooting our third season as we speak and the experience has been so much fun. Right from the start, we just instantly hit it off. I remember when I went to the studio for the test and he was so sweet. I was so nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. I remember thinking, ‘He’s Charlie Sheen! The entire world loves him and there’s so much speculation around him.’

The first thing he said to be was, ‘Hey, nice to meet you. I love your last name!’ He was so human from that moment on and I realized I really couldn’t be nervous around him. He has literally proven that he has taken me under his wing. He asks me, ‘Can I help you with your lines?’ He’s the sweetest and has taken such a fatherly role. If there’s a little something crude or R-rated in a scene he will joke and say, ‘Cover your ears.’ His daughter in real life is named Sam and I feel like sees me that way too.

What would you say that you’ve learned from working alongside Charlie?

He has taught me to be more spontaneous and to have fun while you work. I feel like he’s always trying to make himself a better actor, which also makes you a better actor. He taught me to relax and just do it because the rest will come naturally.

Are you anything like your character in real life?

Definitely. She has OCD and I actually think I have it now! [Laughs] I feel like I check my doors just as much as she does and I don’t think I did that before. Also because she’s a teen, I feel like I went through a lot of those growing pains too. I can laugh about some stuff now that I didn’t back then.

What can fans expect from the next season of Anger Management?

Things are definitely getting crazier! Charlie is still after Selma Blair’s character [Dr. Kate Wales], who is his intimate buddy. It’s really fun to see Charlie not giving up on her. On my end, Sam is growing up super fast. In the new season I’m 16 years old so it entails everything you can imagine like starting to date and dealing with her dad. It’s really fun.  

Anger Management airs Thursday’s at 9:30pm on FX.