Daily Chisme: What is Pitbull's Beef With Lil Wayne?

Happy Hump Day, chisme lovers! We know you can’t wait to dig into this one…

- Seems like Pitbull and Lil Wayne are battling it out over representing the 305 zip code. Although Weezy hails from New Orleans, he has called Miami his home for sometime now. Despite having love for his new roots, Lil Wayne recently ranted on stage and claimed that he was banned from attending the Miami Heat’s basketball games. It was a sort of F--- the NBA, Lebron James, and Miami Heat rap that apparently didn’t sit well with the Cuban Miami-born rapper.

On Monday, Pitbull dropped his new single, “Welcome to Dade County,” which blasts Weezy for his behavior.  In the track, Pit rhymes, "You talk Miami, if you talkin' heat/ Moral of the story: Don't sh-- where you eat." Although they collaborated on “Holla at Me” back in 2006, clearly Pitbull and Lil Wayne have some making up to do. Hopefully Lil Wayne doesn't try to sue him like Lindsay Lohan did.

We give Pitbull props for standing by his hometown. Do you think Pitbull took it too far?