Custo Barcelona Mixes Prints & Graphics at The Spring 2013 Show!

At all the shows I've been going to this season, one thing is very clear: Prints and mixed prints are big for spring/summer 2013. So when I sat down next to our Acting Fashion Editor, Reece Olguin, for Custo Barcelona's show this Sunday, I knew I was in for a treat! Custo is known for their graphics and prints.

One thing Custo did really well this season was jump on the mixed prints trend by mixing their graphics with prints - kind of genius if you ask me. 

My favorite parts of this show definitely included all the oversized sunglasses the models were rocking, fringe details and, of course, the (sometimes crazy) prints!

I especially loved how elegantly Custo Barcelona was able to work transparent trains into such casual outfits.

Custo Barcelona Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2013

Could you see yourself wearing a pair of shorts paired with a train?