Curly Qs: Weathering the Storm

We’ve had crazy weather in New York City recently with frequent snowstorms. For me—and several staff members—this translates into bad hair days. I love snow, but it hasn’t been treating my curls with any love. So, in the mornings, I like to check the Frizz Forecast on to find out how my hair will hold up each day. This is a great resource! The homepage has a section to input a zip code and find out the humidity percentage and temperature in that area. Then it gives you a little prediction on how frizzy your hair will be.

I like checking it in the morning because it helps me decide how much product I need and what hairstyle to choose. During times of low humidity I use serum, if it’s 50% I go for the gel and if it tells me 100% humidity like it does on snowy days I combine both and apply to my ends to reduce frizz. The site also offers tons of products you can buy for curly hair. Have you ladies checked this out? How do you prep for bad hair days?