Curly Qs: Are Bangs an Option?

¿Como estan? Thank you so much for your comments and product suggestions, I look forward to trying them out! This is going to be a fun adventure talking about curly love and drama.

Reader Estrella Martinez wrote and said she was tired of having the same hairstyle and was unsure about getting curly bangs. Estrella, I totally know what you mean about feeling like you’ve had the same hairstyle forever. I’ve always wondered how I’d look with bangs, but never got them. Curly bangs can be tricky; it all depends on how tight your curls are. Have you tried getting layers? I think they are a great option to getting a new look and bringing life and bounce back to tired, weighed-down curls. The day I got my first layered cut was a wake-up call for me and my hair- I had a new do and my locks looked rejuvenated! You can start off by trying face-framing layers, where your stylist will cut a few shorter lengths around your face. If you’re feeling brave, you can ask to get layers all throughout your crown. That’s what I have now and I love my cut. Do you have other ideas on how to transform a lackluster haircut? How many of you have curly bangs and if so, how do you maintain them? Please keep the comments coming!