Clothes for a Fast Paced Life at CZAR by Cesar Galindo Spring/Summer 2014

At the CZAR By Cesar Galindo presentation during Spring/Summer 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week we got the chance to speak to CZAR designer Cesar Galindo about his collection and the current state of fashion. It got deep.

“The inspiration for the show is the idea of virtual travel and a fast paced lifestyle,” shares Galindo. The vibe is urban, artsy and downtown offered in a variety of silhouettes, created for with every woman in mind. The collection dons a techno palette of neon pinks, electric blues and metallic.

Galindo is fully aware of just how powerful technology is in the fashion industry. "The dictatorship of fashion before was a delayed reaction to the consumer," offers Galindo. "The exposure you get in the world via journalists and bloggers is now instantaneous."