Christina Aguilera's Backstage Demands at the VMAs

Vanilla-scented candles. Chilled champagne. Fluffy towels. These are a few of Christina Aguilera's favorite things, and don't expect her to go onstage if they're not in her dressing room. In Touch Weekly has gotten a hold of the celebrity performer's backstage riders from the MTV Video Music Awards, so we can all get a glimpse of what the star treatment is really like.

Christina's list of demands, though by no means excessive, was definitely on the higher end. She specified two chilled bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne, a space heater, and plush black towels along with her scented candles. The Jonas Brothers, on the otherhand, required only Red Bull and sushi, while Rihanna's requests included buffalo wings and roasted chicken with jerk seasoning, and Kid Rock asked for Chap Stick, white crew socks and low-fat raspberry yogurt.

What happened to the days of color-sorted M&Ms, 1,000 thread-count sheets and all-white flower bouquets? We think these young stars need to learn a thing or two from the queen of high-maintenence, Miss Jennifer Lopez, about being a diva. Young Hollywood is getting way too PC for our taste!