Christina Aguilera on Ricky Martin: "I'm Sure He's Such a Proud Papa!"

From one parent to another, Christina Aguilera wants to share her excitment over the news that singer Ricky Martin is the father of twin boys.

"Congratulations! It is the best thing you will ever do in your life," she told on Saturday, hoping the message would reach Ricky. "I’m sure he is such a proud papa!"

Christina says the very best part of motherhood is seeing her son, Max Liron Bratman, laugh. "It just lights up my whole world," she said.

Being a mother "just gives you a whole new sense of purpose, and it’s just the most amazing thing," she said. "I was in awe of the entire experience of pregnancy; the entire journey was just incredible."

Even though Ricky couldn't share the experience of pregnancy, Christina claims motherhood (and fatherhood) is excellent creative fuel. "I've got so much in me to write about," she says.

We're not sure if Ricky's sons have the power to inspire more cheesy pop ballads, but we bet they are making their papi very happy indeed!