Christina Aguilera: "I Had Sort Of A Chaotic Past"

Christina Aguilera recently sat down for an exclusive interview at the Billboard Film & TV Conference Music Conference in West Hollywood. The “My Body” singer reflected on her early Star Search days and her new upcoming album, Lotus, dropping November 13th.

The half-Ecuadorian singer opened up to Editorial Director and interviewer, Bill Werde, about her experience as a child star. “Sometimes you know what you are placed on this earth to do and mine came easy.”

Christina, who has been vocal about her mother Shelly Loraine Fidler surviving domestic violence, said, “Through my childhood, I had sort of a chaotic past and upbringing and music came to me as a release and escape.”

While the Grammy-winning pop star unveiled her new emotional ballad, “Blank Page,” she revealed during her fan Q/A and said, “I paid my dues and I had to let someone else steer the wheel at times. Going into this business can be very scary and sometimes you want to be too tough too quick, but there’s a give and take in that for sure,” expressed the pop star.

Sounds like this pop star has plenty of wisdom to share. Watch part of Christina Aguilera’s Billboard interview below and let us know what you think!