Statement Style: What the Stars Are Really Thinking When They Work Out

Why say it when you can wear it? At least that seems to be the motto for these celebs heading to the gym. We break down Hollywood’s workout wardrobe, one message tee at a time.

1. Christina Aguilera

Xtina wants the world to know she is one taken woman and proud of it. Sometimes you just have to say it with #love.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

We feel you on that one Alessandra! Do we ever really need an excuse to take a vacation? (Pssst—her “Paradise Please” tank is available at for $38!)

3. Cara Santana

Well, Cara’s definitely our muse for getting in shape! Jesse Metcalfe is a fan and so are we.

4. Bella Thorne

We would move our bodies too if it would mean looking like this senorita!

5. Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo is a huge fan of Peace Love World's stuff, but we have to admit this "Hola Amor" tee is by far our favorite. We're pretty sure Casper's not mad at it either.