Why Did Nicole Richie Dye Her Hair Purple?

Why Did Nicole Richie Dye Her Hair Purple?

When Nicole Richie decided to take the plunge and dye her hair purple earlier this month, fans were raving about it!

According to People StyleWatch, Richie had initially posted a photo on Instagram in February showing off purple hair. The pic was actually from a photo shoot where her hair had been photoshopped, but followers loved it.  So was this why Richie decided to go purple for real? Seems so.

“Nicole posted a picture on Instagram … of her with purple hair. The image was Photoshopped and never actually happened, but she looked great and received nothing but positive feedback after posting,” Danny Moon, the colorist behind her technicolor transformation, told People. “This planted the seed, so to say. Thanks, Instagram!”

Moon agrees that the 32-year-old fashion designer looks amazing with her new locks. “Nicole wears it with class and elegance," he said.

Do you like Nicole Richie in purple? Ever thought about giving the look a try?