EXCLUSIVE: Stephanie Beatriz Talks Brooklyn Nine-Nine And Texas Roots

Stephanie Beatriz attends Star Scene Stealers Event
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Reported and written by Teresa Jusino. 

Stephanie Beatriz is ferocious. She destroys the office printer with a battering ram, intimidates her crushes, carries a loaded gun around her workplace. Well, at least she does as prickly Det. Rosa Diaz on FOX’s hilarious Golden Globe–winning series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Off duty, however, the Colombian and Bolivian actress is considerably milder, even in her looks.

“What you see on television is not what I look like in real life,” says Beatriz. “I wear glasses, I never do my hair—it’s usually in a bun—and I don’t like to wear makeup most of the time, because I have really sensitive skin.”

Born in Neuquén, Argentina, Beatriz and her family moved to Texas when she was two. It was a major adjustment. “I was starting to learn English, and I came home so frustrated,” she remembers. “My mom asked me what was wrong, and I said ‘Everyone talks too slow!’ Because I was used to the taka-taka-taka-taka-taka.” 

So, who is the real Stephanie? She's a collection of nuances and quirks -- many of which she owes to her background as a Latina and a Texan. 

“I was a straight-A student for most of my life," she said. "And I think it’s mostly because I knew I had a responsibility to my parents to deliver in school. As a kid you see your parents struggling, and when they tell you ‘Yes, you can take that art class. Yes, we’ll sign you up for ballet,’ it’s an incredible thing. So everything I could do gradewise, I tried to do.”

In addition to acing every test, Beatriz spent her time involved in after-school extracurriculars -- like the drill team. 

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