8 Stars Reveal What They Love Most About Being Latina

What do you love about being Latina? From Shakira to Eva Longoria, some our favorite stars have revealed what they love most. Click through to see if their reasons match yours:

1. Shakira


“You know what I’m proud of? I’m proud of the resourcefulness that Latinos claim to have,” Shakira told Women’s Health. “We really are resourceful. Communities around the globe that have had to survive or to struggle through generations and generations of social injustice – you kind of have to find a way to overcome issues and obstacles and find this resilience. I think that my people are very resilient and creative when it comes to finding solutions to real tough problems.”

2. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

“Latina culture means warm family gatherings, special stories and a bond that I love to experience," Lovato said. "I feel so much love and comfort when I’m with [the Latino] side of my family.  It makes me proud of my culture and my ethnicity.”

3. Kat Von D

Kat Von D

“I think everybody should be proud of where they come from, and I feel blessed to come from a Latin background," the celeb tattoo artist explained. "My family is from Argentina and I was born in Mexico so I feel like I have a nice spectrum of Latin culture because it’s different from country to country. There are a lot of things to embrace in Latin culture--I love everything from the food to the fashion to the art, and the music. So in that sense I feel very lucky to be Latina.”

4. Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

“Here in this country, it makes you different and special," De La Reguera said. "It’s like a flag that you bring with you all the time. It’s a positive thing and it’s something you want to be proud of.”

5. Jasmine V

Jasmine V

“I love being Latina for multiple reasons," the 20-year-old singer declared. "I must admit one of my favorite reasons would have to be because of the amazing food! Every year at Christmas my dad makes 4 pounds of tamales and it's my favorite time of year. I also feel that us Latinas really stick together and support each other and I would love to see more Latinas making waves in the spotlight.”

6. Carmen Villalobos

Carmen Villalobos

"We have flavor and a positive outlook on life! Villalobos exclaimed. "We have the type of personalities that people just gravitate towards. Latinas are authentic and real with ourselves in a way that is very unique to us, I think."

7. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

"I love being rooted in your culture, but not being constrained by it. I love being celebratory, bold, and independent. I embrace it all!" said the Devious Maids producer.

8. Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez

"I love the fact that Latinos, we really don’t need much of a reason to celebrate," she told us.