10 Selena Superfan Must-Haves

Selena Quintanilla's fanbase continues to blossom across the globe! And if you consider yourself a superfan, here are 10 items you must own:

1. Selena iPhone Case

iPhone Case

Own an iPhone or iPod Touch? Then you should consider opting for this gorgeous "Selena Forever" case! This protective piece is also available for iPad's and will soon be made available for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Buy: RedBubble, $38.75

2. Selena Doll

Selena Doll

The original limited edition Selena doll is the ultimate superfan must-have. Available through various sellers on Amazon, this doll comes dressed in the outfit the Tejano Queen wore during her last concert.

Buy: Amazon.com, Prices vary by seller

3. Selena Nail Decal

Nail Decals

If you're a fan of nail art, Selena nail decals are certainly the way to go. Various users on Etsy have created these handmade items featuring Selena's face, name, and more. Will this be your next manicure Monday look?

Buy: Etsy.com, Prices vary

4. Selena Graphic T-shirt

Graphic T-Shirt

Etsy isn't just your stop for nail art, the popular site also has Selena vintage graphic T-shirts on hand!

Buy: Etsy.com, Prices vary

5. Selena Book

Commemorative Book

Written by Selena's widow -- Chris Perez -- To Selena, With Love takes fans way behind-the-scenes into the superstar's life before her tragic death.

Buy: Amazon.com, $12

6. Selena poster


As a fan, you know Selena will always be in your heart. But owning a poster makes it that much easier to look up and remember why she was adored by so many, and will never be forgotten!

Buy: Amazon.com, $6.99

7. Selena Last Concert DVD

Last Concert DVD

Selena's last concert on February 26, 1995 was by far one of her most amazing shows! Why not buy a copy of Selena Live: The Last Concert and relive all those incredible moments?

Buy: Amazon.com, $10

8. Selena tote bag

Tote Bag

Take Selena along everywhere you go with this gorgeous tote bag.

Buy: eBay.com, $9.99

9. Selena Movie

Selena Movie

Laugh, cry, but most importantly, never forget why Selena was the incredible woman people remember her for today with the Selena movie, starring Jennifer Lopez, as the late Tejano star.

Buy:Amazon.com, $2.99 - $13.99

10. Selena-inspired Bustier

Selena-Inspired Bustier

Nothing screams Selena like a bedazzled bustier, right? And you can purchase your very own handcrafted bustier via Etsy's market.

Buy: Etsy.com, Prices vary by seller