Selena Gomez’s Top 10 Outfits on Instagram

She might be in the process of reevaluating whom she follows on the Insta, but one thing’s for sure—we’ll never stop following her! Take a look at Selena’s fashionable flashes in various filters by flipping through this gallery.

1. Selena Instagram Outfits 1

Selena Insta’ed this sexy pic with the caption: “Secret Project” and we’re dying to know what that is. Booty shorts and a sheer top with a strappy bra could only mean one thing… No, not a date with the Biebs, a new single cover, perhaps? 

2. Selena Instagram Outfits 2

We’re pretty sure we never met a crop top that didn’t look good on Selenita

3. Selena Instagram Outfits 3

A casual tie-front dress and a view of Paris in the background—100% chic.

4. Selena Instagram Outfits 4

Still one of our all-time favorites. The bonita looked ah-ma-zing in Atelier Versace at the MTV Video Music Awards.

5. Selena Instagram Outfits 5

Obviously a biker chick moment (with a flower basket no less) calls for all black. Those abs though…

6. Selena Instagram Outfits 6

The mesh armor look—now trending…

7. Selena Instagram Outfits 7

Being a mix master of prints on the back of a convertible.

8. Selena Instagram Outfits 8

One beautiful mujer! Selena keeps things sultry during a shoot in Paris.

9. Selena Instagram Outfits 9

Making us want to invest in allllll the high-waist bikinis this summer.

10. Selena Instagram Outfits 10

High slits and a scrunchie are always a good combination. Well, not always, but Selena’s making them work here.