Selena Gomez Shows Off "Latina Texture" In Instagram Picture

Selena Gomez is reppin' her Latina roots!

In a recent Instagram snapshot, Gomez showed off her sexy curls. She wrote, "That one time I had ma Latina texture going on... Or just... everyday." Although not all Latina have curly hair, it's nice to see Gomez paying homage to her Mexican-American background. 

Her longtime best friend, Demi Lovato, also took to social media to embrace her Latin side. She posted an Instagram picture posed in a swimsuit, sheer cover-up with gold bangles and hoop earrings. The look was finished off with a tight, slicked-back ponytail and pair of dark aviators. Lovato wrote, "That one time I went on vacation and looked SO Latin!!!!"

We love that these two chicas are taking time to appreciate their Latin backgrounds, but remember: you always look Latina because you are Latina -- no matter if your hair is curly or straight or if you're tan or fair!