Report: Selena Gomez's Parents Were Blindsided By Firing

Selena Gomez and mother Mandy Teefey at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscars party
Getty Images

Drama, drama, drama! 

Selena Gomez shocked fans last week when she suddenly dropped her mother and stepfather as her managers. New reports claim that her fans weren't the only ones who got a surprise when they heard the news.

According to Fox News Latino, the firing blindsided her parents as well. The superstar's mother, Mandy Teefey, reportedly told TMZ that she received zero warning about getting the ax from her daughter until the story broke last Thursday. 

Teefay said she and her 21-year-old daughter sat down with stepfather, Brian Teefey, on Thursday to ask if Gomez was absolutely sure she wanted to go in a different direction. Her daughter answered yes.

Gomez's mama admitted the news was tough to swallow, especially since she has managed her daughter's career with her husband since Gomez's Disney days. The family worked on several projects together, including an upcoming movie, The Sky Is Everywhere.

The story broke last week that Gomez fired her parents in order to hire a more seasoned professional manager. Sources maintain that family friction was not the reason for the split. 

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