Selena Gomez Posts Bikini Picture With Cryptic Message

Selena Gomez Posts Bikini Picture With Cryptic Message


Selena Gomez baffled her fans once again, posting a gorgeous bikini selfie on Instagram... with an incredibly confusing caption.

The picture displays a smiling Gomez, 21, wading in a shallow, muddy river of water while wearing a bright yellow swimsuit.

"Taking my power back. Can't wait to show you where I've been," she captioned the snapshot. "I love y'all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles."

Wait, what?

Gomez could be referring to the tumultuous 2014 she's experienced. In January, she secretly entered rehab after cancelling the Australian and Asian leg of her tour. Several weeks after being released from the Dawn of the Meadows treatment facility, she was spotted reconnecting with on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. 

And as for pickles? Well, Texas-native Gomez has always been very vocal about her love of the veggie -- even telling Ellen DeGeneres that the thing she misses most about her home state is the pickles in the movie theater. 

Hopefully, the cryptic status is Gomez's way of telling the world that she's ditching the bad influences and returning to her roots!

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