Salma Hayek’s Best Beauty Secrets, Revealed!

Salma Hayek’s Best Beauty Secrets, Revealed!

Que Linda! You would never know the Mexican-born Salma Hayek is 47 years old, given her flawless face and luscious locks. Seriously, we need to be using whatever she is, which is why we were beyond thrilled when she launched her own beauty brand. Nuance Salma Hayek features hair care products made with natural ingredients to restore damaged tresses, colorful cosmetics, and a skin care line to combat the signs of aging. We even got Salma to spill on her personal must-haves and just how she uses them.

1. When I wear my hair curly, I think it makes a big difference to apply the Blue Agave Wave Enhancing Styling Swirl after my hair has been towel-dried and not soaking wet. Then, I twirl my hair into the shape I want it—some days I like tighter curls, some days I just want loose waves.

2. The new Healthy Shine Nourishing Hair Oil is amazingly rich and nourishing, but not heavy on the hair. I like to put a few drops in my conditioner bottle for added moisture.

3. As you age, it’s really important to take special care of your neck and décolleté. I first prep my skin with my AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Serum Concentrate and then use the Age Affirm Firming Neck & Chest Balm. I pile it on!

4. I don’t like to put too much on my skin at night because that is when it’s regenerating. If you overwhelm it with products, it won’t function properly. You should really only use one great night cream, such as the Age Affirm Firming Day & Night Cream to keep your skin extra hydrated while you sleep.

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