Ricky Martin Subtly Changes Lyrics in Morocco, Takes Huge Stand for Gay Rights

Ricky Martin arrives the World Music Awards
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Way to go, Ricky Martin

The boricua took a bold stand for LGBT rights this week at a music festival in Morocco. During a performance of "She's All I Ever Had", he subtly changed the word "she" to "he."

The crooner altered the lyrics during the climax of the song: "It's the way he understand/ He's my lover, he's my friend. When I look into his eyes, it's the way I feel inside/ Like the man I want to be/ He's all I ever need."

The small lyric change protested brutal anti-gay laws in Morocco. According to Fox News Latino, anyone found guilty of having gay sex in the country faces six months to three years in prison. 

During the concert, Martin also commended two fans holding a gay pride flag. "What a beautiful rainbow flag right there!" he said, according to Gay Star News.