10 Reasons Ricky Martin is Hotter Than Ever

Ricky Martin is like fine wine! The older he gets, the more handsome he becomes. In case you need proof, here are 10 reasons Ricky is hotter than ever:

1. Ricky Martin 1

Remember Ricky Martin in the early 90's? With his long-flowing hair, looking like he came straight out of a novela [insert dreamy eyes]. Sure, he was working it with that unbuttoned top, showing off his chest. But, he's only gotten hotter since then...

2. Ricky Martin 2

Ricky shortened his long locks a bit, but kept doing the open shirt thing. We weren't complaining! One thing's for sure...his hotness factor just kept rising from there.

3. Ricky Martin 3

There goes that perfectly chiseled face we love to see. Can Ricky get any hotter?! The answer is...

4. Ricky Martin 4

Yes, yes he can! Showing off his biceps and a short 'do, no wonder we can't enough of you.

5. Ricky Martin 5

Feel free to stare and sing to us all day, Ricky. Hotness level running high, but it doesn't stop here!

6. Ricky Martin 6

With his brooding good looks, who would think Ricky Martin could keep this hotness going? He can though and he does.

7. Ricky Martin 7

Inviting us into your lovely home? We'll be right there!

8. Ricky Martin 8

How can you resist Ricky Martin's smile? We certainly can't.

9. Ricky Martin 9

Is it getting hot in here or is it just us?

10. Ricky Martin 10

And in 2014, Ricky Martin is scorching hot! Yes, this Boricua is definitely hotter than ever.