Ricky Martin Uses Face Mask, Creeps Everyone Out

Ricky Martin visits the SiriusXM Studios
Getty Images

Honesty hour: Ricky Martin looks damn good for his age. One could argue that he looks better now than he did 10 years ago.

So, what's his secret? Apparently, the Puerto Rican hunk prepares for the red carpet with an intense beauty regime. 

Reclining in a treatment chair at Miami's Hanic Makeup and Lashes, the singer Instagrammed a picture showing off his muscular torso while donning a face mask and gloves. "Being pampered by @hanic_makeup_lashes #facemask #lipmask #handmask gotta love it. #promoUSA."

Okay, so the picture is kind of creepy -- but we're dying to know: what's in that face mask? Tell us your secrets, Ricky!