Nicole Richie: My Daughter Conviced Me to Dye My Hair Purple

Nicole Richie at the Licensing Expo

Nicole Richie has become pretty experimental with her hair these days and she has her 6-year-old daughter to credit for that.

"[Husband Joel Madden] has been coloring his hair for as long as she can remember so that is something that is normal to her,” Richie told People. “She asked me, ‘Why don’t you ever dye your hair?’ — and so we did it.”

Richie's little girl Harlow has also been joining in on all the hair fun. “She just dyed hers blue yesterday," the 32-year-old mother of two shared with People.

"It will only last a week, but even she’s having fun with it.”

The House of Harlow designer debuted her purple locks earlier this year and said the change wasn't as drastic as everyone might think.

“Surprisingly, it feels like having blonde hair,” Richie told People.

“My colorist Danny Moon, when I talked to him about it, he said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not going to feel that different. Having purple hair has the same hue as having blonde hair, and you’re not going to feel that different.’ And he was actually right.”

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