Mariah Carey Debuts New Album Cover For "Me. I Am Mariah."

Mariah Carey 'Me. I Am Mariah' album cover

Mariah Carey is crazy and wonderful.

The diva released the name and artwork for her forthcoming album, and it's so completely nuts that we can't help but love it.

Are you ready for this? The name is Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse.

In a video, she tells the adorable story of the origin of the name, showing off her "first and only" self-portrait, drawn when she was three-years-old and entitled "Me. I am Mariah."

"It was a creative visualization of how I saw myself with the purity of a child's heart before it was ever broken," she said. 

"I've kept this story private for so long, but because this album is a reflection of some of the peaks and valleys that have made me who I am today, I decided to share it with those of you who actually care and have been there for me through it all," she continues. "I've been through a lot, but I've always known me. I am Mariah. Along the way, there have been a couple nicknames, and I've been inadvertendly embodied many personas. Lately, they've been calling me, 'The Elusive Chanteuse.'"

No word on who exactly has been calling her the elusive chanteuse. 

In her defense, she's released fourteen albums, is one of the hugest names in the music industry, and has the vocal chops that most pop stars dream about. So, she can name her album whatever she damn pleases. Also, she looks hot on the album cover -- showing off her ultra-trim figure, endless legs, and perfectly bronzed complexion. 

The new album debuts May 27th. WIll you be buying it?