Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres: All The Details On Their Child Support Feud

Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres: All The Details On Their Child Support Feud
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Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres have been divorced since 2004, but the drama doesn’t stop for these two! The former lovers are currently duking out in the courts over how much Anthony should be paying his ex-wife in child support each month. 

Last year, Torres demanded more child support from her ex-husband, asking that he increase his payments from a  $13,000 a month to an astonishing $113,000. The former Miss Universe and the Latin crooner have two children together: Cristian, 12, and Ryan, 10.

The beauty queen argued that Anthony pays his other ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, a huge amount of child support, and that he often goes weeks or even months without seeing their sons. She says that her sons live a life of comparative poverty with her...especially when compared to the lavish lifestyle they lead when they're with their papá

The story only gets weirder from there. 

Torres is allegedly furious that JLo gets plenty of child support...but her and her children were forced to sell their house and move to an apartment in San Fernando Valley. She says that during their divorce proceedings, Anthony claimed he was broke, even selling his private island to pay off debts. But, the week their divorce became final, he allegedly bought Jenny From The Block a $4 million diamond ring!

Unfortunately for Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony’s version of the tale is a little different.

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