EXCLUSIVE: Lindsey Morgan Talks The CW's 'The 100' & Her Mexican-Irish Roots

Lindsey Morgan
Marc Cartwright

How does it feel shifting from working on a daytime soap to doing a primetime TV show? They're certainly two very different types of shows, too.
They are both entirely different projects from the content to the way they are shot and ran behind the scenes. I love that I have the opportunity to witness how both genres are created, I feel very lucky.

What was it like leaving General Hospital considering you were part of the cast for over a year?
It was a little heart breaking. GH became my family in a sense. I had a family and friends in the actual cast and then in real life; loved everyone on set and the crew. I just hated I wouldn't get to see some awesome people in my life everyday anymore.

What are some of the biggest differences between doing a soap opera and a show like The 100?
One of the biggest difference is The 100 is at least 50 percent shot outside in the forests of Vancouver -- in the snow, in the rain, in the dirt! GH was all in studio, even when we did outside scenes, they would recreate a forest in the studio! Dialogue quantity is a huge difference too. With the soap you'd have like 30 pages a night! But in The 100, you may have like three pages. And with the soap you'd shoot a scene once and you're moving on, with The 100, we'd do multiple set ups and you may be doing the same scene like 20 times in the end.

You're Mexican and Irish, so how do you stay connected to your Latina culture?
My family and my friends definitely keep me connected to my culture. I also don't think I could get away from it even if I wanted to! [Laughs] The food, the music...I definitely keep it in my life and try to go salsa dancing at least once a month!

What was it like growing up in a Mexican-Irish household?
It was great! I never felt one side of my culture was favored over the other. I really didn't even realize I was a hybrid or that my parents were interracial until I was much older. I just loved Selena and corned beef, that was normal to me.

What do you love most about being Latina?
[Laughs] That I can get away with being fiery or passionate or loud in public, everyone just laughs at me and says, "Oh, she's Latin, it's okay."

Who are some of your favorite Latinos in Hollywood?
So many! Salma [Hayek], Rosario [Dawson], Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria! I really look up to her [Longoria] being from Texas and starting in TV [like she did]. Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia, Robert Rodriguez...can someone tell him to call me? I am available

Have you met any of them?
I did meet Edward Olmos at the Filly Brown premiere, but I was such a nerd. I could only muster out a really quiet "Hi," before I turned bright red all over. I definitely got star struck.

How would you describe the state of Latinos in Hollywood now?
I'd say its an exciting time in the industry now for Latinos. I definitely feel like there is a movement and a push for more Latino stories to be created and a want from audiences to see Latinos on their screens!  I do feel there is still some way to go, but I think it is a time now where the industry is really embracing Latinos and are trying to figure out how to cater us.

Any final words for our readers?
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