6 Stars Who Have Helped Launch Careers

Behind a celebrity is often another big name star! From Ricky Martin to Jennifer Lopez, these six well-known Latinos have helped launch the careers of other Hollywood acts:

1. Ricky Martin

The Boricua pop sensation has not only helped aspiring singers live their dreams as a judge on The Voice Australia, he also discovered Adrienne Bailon in October 1999.

2. Emilio and Gloria Estefan

The Estefans are huge in the music industry! They've helped launch a ton of careers, including Shakira's.

3. Jennifer Lopez

As a business woman, J.Lo has helped launched model careers for many who started out modeling for her clothing line, including Bruno Mars' girlfriend Jessica Caban.

4. Robert Rodriguez

The Mexican-American director gave Salma Hayek her first Hollywood role, starring opposite Antonio Banderas in Desperado.

5. Alondra

The Mexican Billboard award winner and Latin Grammy nominated recording artist is known as "La Madrina de Menudo." Alondra had a group of teenagers open up for her concerts and these boys eventually became known as the world famous Menudo.