6 Stars Who Changed After Motherhood

Becoming a mother changes you in ways you never thought imaginable! Some become more emotional, others become more leery of the world around them, and some change their lifestyles completely. From Shakira to Jennifer Lopez, here are six stars who say they've changed in surprising ways after motherhood:

1. Jessica Alba

After having her first daughter in 2008, Honor Marie, Alba became a stickler when it came to checking labels on baby items and household products. The actress decided to start using more eco-friendly products and help others do the same, and this led to the launch of her business, The Honest Company. "It stems from being a mom," Alba told Los Angeles Confidential about her company. "When I [was pregnant the first time] and started shopping in stores and online, it was just horrific seeing all these toxic chemicals [in baby products], which can contribute to everything from cancer to autism."

She continued, "I have the time and the means to shop around and the find the best products, but most people don't. I wanted to come up with one brand people could trust. You can have baby items that are cute and eco-friendly, with delivery right to your front door."

2. Shakira

The Colombian singer recently told us that having Milan has changed the way she works. "I used to go in circles around an idea," she said, "but since he arrived I don't have much time -- I have to rush back home -- so he has helped me learn how to focus."

3. Jennifer Lopez

The 44-year-old mother of twins said that Max and Emme inspired her to work towards change in the world by improving the health of children and moms everywhere. "Becoming a mom changes your life and your perspective on the world," Lopez said. "It makes you want to have this great world for this little being that already exists in your mind.”

4. Fergie

What sort of change has baby Axl Jack brought on to his "Fergalicious" mom? “My everyday heels have become lower,” she told People about her changing style. “But on the other hand I’m still a woman — and women like to dress up — so high heels are still very much in the mix!”

5. Penelope Cruz

In 2012, Cruz revealed that having a baby changed her work-obsessed ways. "I was a workaholic and used to work on three or four movies every year, but I was always tired," she said. "Now I think I have a more healthy equilibrium."

6. Jordana Brewster

The Fast & Furious star recently revealed motherhood has transformed her into a bit of hypochondriac. “I didn’t realize I’d be such a hypochondriac as a mom. It’s flu season in Texas, so I haven’t taken him out that much on set,” she joked of her 6-month old son Julian during an interview with Wonderwall.