7 Latinas Who Rocked the Half-Shaved Look

Most women (us included!) would never even dream of taking a razor to their hair! And shaving off just one side of your head? Never gonna happen. But while we wouldn't dare to opt for a shaved look, some of our favorite Latina celebrities have taken the plunge and tried out the spunky hairstyle. From Demi Lovato to Rosario Dawson, these seven stars have all taken a razor to their locks:

1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is bringing back the trend we thought was long dead and to her haters: IDGAF. The 21-year-old star has always been daring in her beauty and fashion choices, and her latest look is particular gutsy. "So... This happened... Oops!" she posted, alongside of a photo of a long strand of pink hair. She then posted a series of snapshots showing off her newest hairdo': a bold half-shaved look that compliments her punk-rock magenta hair. Lovato has rocked blue hair, pink hair, and everything in between, but her newest look is daring -- even for her.


2. Cassie

The singer and model rocked this trend like there was no tomorrow. For years, Cassie experimented with multiple shaved hairstyles. At one point, she even shaved off both sides but kept a bold bang for a fearless look that few women could pull off with such poise. 

3. Meagan Good

Anchorman 2 star Meagan Good originally experimented with the gutsy hairdo’ back in 2010. The gorgeous actress later cut her long locks off, but kept the daring shaved patch.

4. Rosario Dawson

We’re the first to admit that Rosario Dawson could look gorgeous wearing anything or rocking any hairstyle. But, even we were shocked when the Latina walked out in 2013 with a fierce shaved head. She’s grown out her luscious locks again, but we’re impressed she was fearless enough to try the trend. 

5. Alice Dellal

Brazilian model Alice Dellal’s spunky style and brassy confidence helped her pull-off the half-shaved look far before anyone else. The model kept her locks interesting, trying out different colors (she even went ombre!) and styles. 

6. La La Anthony

La La Anthony was one of the first to try the half-shaved look, debuting the look back in 2009 at the BET Awards. Carmelo’s wife added two lines to the shaved portion, but kept the look feminine by rocking glamorous curls throughout the rest of her hair. 

7. Lourdes Leon

Madonna’s feisty daughter, Lourdes Leon, is always the frontrunner for major trends, and the half-shaved look was no exception. Back in 2012, Lourdes was spotted at LAX airport with her hair in a messy top knot...and the right side shaved off! Gutsy move, Lourdes.