John Leguizamo: Latinos Are the "Fuel of This Country"

John Leguizamo: Latinos Are the "Fuel of This Country"
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Are Latinos the "fuel" of the United States economy? John Leguizamo says yes!

The Chef star recently sat down with HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri to talk about immigration and the power of Latinos.

“I’m definitely for amnesty," Leguizamo told HuffPost Live. "I feel like Latin people and immigrants are the fuel of this country and give you that sort of base -- that can do the low wage stuff that can take jobs from China and bring them back here, and keep us productive because we produce nothing and that’s really rough for an economy to stay viable.”

Leguizamo and Camilleri also discussed the newly released data, which stated that Latinos greatly impact box office numbers, and the change in attitude toward Hispanics in Hollywood.

“You definitely feel like there is some mission statement, ‘Get me that Latin guy, get me some Latin folk’,” the Colombian actor told HuffPost Live. “But it makes sense, Sofia Vergara broke out of Modern Family because her Latin audience is so hungry to see themselves on screen."

Leguizamo continued, "When George Lopez and I travel around the country and tour, I mean you’re selling big venues people are paying crazy money to see you because they’re so hungry to hear their stories reflected back, they want to see themselves reflected. Fast & the Furious, that’s why Michelle Rodriguez is in that thing because if you put a couple of Latin characters the thing doubles, triples, quadruples.”

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