Jennifer Lawrence Shares Embarrassing Story About Meeting J.Lo

Jennifer Lawrence at the Catching Fire premiere
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Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence might be at the top of her game -- but she's still not immune to the glory of Jennifer Lopez

Lawrence, 23, recounted an embarrassing tale on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and it involves jello shots, dance routines and Jenny from the Block. 

Apparently, Lawrence and Fallon attended a party together, and, after a few too many shots, decided it was a good idea to ask JLo to dance with them. However, just asking Lopez was too basic for this twosome, so they came up with the perfect plan: an elaborate dance routine that would land them in front of the boricua with one hand outstretched. 

A perfect plan -- except for one fatal flaw. Fallon bailed on the endeavor halfway through the routine, and left Jennifer Lawrence to go through with the plan alone. Apparently, Lopez was not impressed. 

"You made me look like a freak in front of JLo!" Lawrence screamed at the talk show host, "Do you know what that feels like?" 

Watch the hilarious clip below! We can't stop laughing: