Jamie-Lynn Sigler Dishes On Motherhood: It's a "Test On Every Level"

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Dishes On Motherhood: It's a "Test On Every Level"

Jamie Lynn-Sigler opened up about the challenges and rewards of becoming a mother, calling parenthood to "most rewarding job." The new mom, however, was quick to admit that it isn't easy. 

"it's really hard -- it's a test on every level," she told People. "The amount of love is incredible, but it's difficult." 

The former star of The Sopranos welcomed her sonBeau Kyle, seven months ago, and has been able to witness all his major milestones. "I'm with him every single, all day so [I'm] watching every little milestone," the 32-year-old mom said. "He's starting to crawl which is fun, and he's really into Mommy, reaching for me and asking for me."

What's her advice for first-time moms? "Listen to what everybody warns you about, but also don't have expectations of what they should or shouldn't be doing. Let your child grow at his or her own pace. Try and take a step back, because it does go really fast," she advised. 

The Cuban-American star also discussed her hunky fiancé and baby daddy, Cutter Dykstra. "Dad's amazing -- he's playing baseball, so he's on the road [and] we're doing a little long distance, but he's a really good dad," she said. "[He's] really hands on, and it's pretty sexy to see a guy with a baby."

Sigler also told the magazine what she loves most about being a mami. "[Feeling] like you deserve a medal every day," she admitted. "You feel like you should get props when you walk out of the house, [and] you're just alive and breathing." 

We love this young family! Do you agree with her advice?