Enrique Iglesias's 10 Sexiest Videos Of All Time

Happy Birthday, Enrique Iglesias! Can you believe the Spanish crooner is 39-years-old today? 

Iglesias stills look as sexy as he did in 2001 when he shot the infamously steamy music video for "Hero." In the 20 years he's been making videos, he's released a slew of hot, sweaty, and riveting videos to accompany his sultry tunes. 

From "Hero" to "I'm a Freak", here are his 10 hottest music videos of all time: 

1. 'Hero'

Enrique Iglesias in the rain. 

Soaking wet.

Making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Enough said. 

2. 'Escape'

All that chemistry between Enrique and the star of this music video, Anna Kournikova, is 100% real. The two have been dating for over 12 years. 

3. 'Addicted'

The music video opens with a pair of handcuffs sitting beside an unmade bed. It only gets better from there. Also Mischa Barton stars as the girl Enrique just can't get enough of. 

4. 'I Like It'

Enrique + Pitbull = pure sex. 

5. 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)'

Sorry, he doesn't mean to be rude -- but tonight he's loving you. And he means it in this music video. 

6. 'Finally Found You'

Enrique doesn't waste a second when he finally finds his childhood love. 

7. 'Loco' feat. Romeo Santos

Roselyn Sanchez sizzles in red in the steamy music video for "Loco."

8. 'Turn The Night Up'

"I wanna get nasty," he sings, as half-naked coeds party around him. 

9. 'Heartbeat' feat. Nicole Scherzinger

We can't decide which one is hotter: Enrique or Nicole. 

10. 'El Perdedor'

'El Perdedor' defines subtle sexy. The soulful, sad singing. The longing in Enrique's eyes. And the sultry dancing. We just can't get enough.