Edward James Olmos Criticizes Jennifer Lopez For Lack Of "Latino-ness"

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Edward James Olmos has always been a strong voice in the Latino community, pushing Hispanic values and culture through his work in Hollywood. In a recent interview with Telemundo's Suelta La Sopa, he spoke about his Latino pride -- and commented on other actor's lack of dedication to their culture. 

"Being Latino -- I love it," Olmos, 67, said in Spanish. "I love being Latino. It's a love that i have that comes from a deep sense of pride."

According to Fox News Latino, the Mexican-American actor said Latinos have a responsibility to promote their culture -- something that many actors have failed to do. Olmos singled out his Selena co-star Jennifer Lopez. He said her role in the iconic movie catapulted her to a "stardom that she would not have been able to reach without that film."

"I told her, 'You have to understand that the future is in your hands, and I hope you use it not only to advance who you are, but also to promote what we represent as Latino women and men," Olmos said. "She has done a lot of things, but she has not dedicated herself to her culture, and that is the most important thing to me."

The actor also discussed Cuban-American actor Andy Garcia, saying that while many actors express their roots, "they don't like the limitations of being a Latino; they only want to be artists."

"I am a Latino artist," Olmos said. 

Wow -- do you agree with his comments about Jennifer Lopez and Andy Garcia? Sound off in the comments!

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