21 Pictures of Dania Ramirez's Adorable Twins

Devious Maids star Dania Ramirez welcomed twins Gaia Jissel Ramirez Land and John Aether Ramirez Land on December 17, 2013 and since, we can't get enough of this adorable duo. Click through to see 21 super cute pics of Gaia and Aether. Enjoy!

1. Dania's Twins: Gaia and her Caroline Diaper bag

Pretty Girl

"Mami I'm Lovin' my new Caroline diaper bag from @StorksakBags #mommystyle Thank you! #GaiaStyle"

2. Dania's Twins: Aether and Gaia hanging out

Just Hangin' Out

"Hola Monday! @GaiaAether #MyObsession"

3. Dania's Twins: Aether and Gaia baby feet

Adorable Feet!

"#BabyFeet @GaiaAether #MyObsession," the proud mami Instagrammed.

4. Dania's Twins: Aether and Gaia nap time

Nap Time

"I Love My Brother!!! #BabyLove #Gaia&Aether," the Devious Maids actress wrote on Instagram.

5. Dania's Twins: Aether and Gaia at the beach with mom

Beach Day

"Fun in the Sun! #BeachDay"

6. Dania' Twins: Aether and Gaia with Sunglasses on

With Our Sunnies

"Thanks for helping with the Sun Mom! #BeachDay"

7. Dania's Twins: Aether and Gaia at the beach

Beach Bums!

"I love the beach mami! #Gaia&Aether," Ramirez captioned this photo of her adorable twins.

8. Dania's Twins: The Twins with big brother Kai

Brotherly Love

"Amazing Photo shoot today!! But it's my family!! Love you Kai!!! Thanks for being the best Big Brother ever!!!"

9. Dania's Twins: Aether 1

Hi, Aether!

Presenting her baby boy for the first time, Dania shared this pic on Instagram. "#Aether God of the Upper Air," she wrote.

10. Dania's Twins: Gaia 1

Hello, Gaia

The next day, Dania showed fans her twin daughter! "#PeakABoo #Gaia Goddess of Earth," she captioned the photo on Instagram.

11. Dania's Twins: Gaia and Dania on set

At Work with Mommy

"Gaia's 1st Day on Set! #DeviousMaids," Dania captioned the sweet moment with her daughter.

12. Dania's Twins: Aether and Dania on set

"Aether needs a post too! #BabiesOnSet #DeviousMaids," Dania wrote.

13. Dania's Twins: Gaia and Dania 2

Go to Sleep, Gaia

"Late Night Shift #RockingMyGaia #LiveLoveLife #MommieDuties," Dania captioned the tender moment.

14. Dania's Twins: The Twins

Smile Babies


15. Dania's Twins: Aether 3

Pretty Eyes

"My big blue eye baby!!! #Aether," Instagrammed Dania.

16. Dania's Twins: Gaia ad Dania 1

Just Hangin' Out with Mami

"My baby girl!!! #Gaia --- @daniajramirez #babygaiaandhermommy," Dania captioned this photo watching TV with her daughter.

17. Dania's Twins: Dania and her twins

Robed Up Princess & Prince

"After Bath time with my little #hippo&sharkRobes #Aether is into it. #Gaia not so much! Lol #ThatFace #Babies #Twins"

18. Dania's Twins: Aether and Dania 1

Time to Eat

"Mami me encanta comer! #AetherSHARKtime," Dania captioned this pic of Aether enjoying his bottle.

19. Dania's Twins: Gaia 2

Pretty in Pink

"Ready.... Go!!! #KarateKid #MasterGaia #MyObsession," Dania Instagrammed.

20. Dania's Twins: Aether 2

Having Fun!

"Say What??? Stop it!!! Hahahha!!! #MyObsession #KingAether," Dania wrote of her baby in his bouncer.

21. Dania's Twins: Aether and Gaia in Bouncy Seats

Twin Love

"Late Night Baby Loving... #Gaia&Aether #TheHandsomeCouple #MyObsession," the Devious Maids star wrote.