5 Celebrities Who Had a Quinceañera!

A quinceañera is like a rite of passage for many Latinas. We may not all have been lucky enough to experience our own, but a handful of our favorite stars sure did! From Bella Thorne to Eva Longoria, these celebrities all had a quinceañera:

1. Eva Longoria

During an appearance on Katie Couric's show, the Devious Maids producer dished on how she took on a fast food job to be able to pay for her quince.

2. Francia Raisa

Two years ago, Francia posted this pic to her WhoSay with the caption: "So 8 years ago this was my dress for my Quinceañera. Now I get to wear it again for a scene in @chastitybites. I can't believe it still fits"

3. Adrienne Bailon

The 30-year-old Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian stayed closed to cultural traditions and had a quinceañera.

4. Bella Thorne

The Cubanita celebrated her quince in Hollywood in 2012. “My father always wanted me to have a quinceañera, so tonight not only am I honoring him, but everyone here is too,” she said of her father who died in a car accident. 

5. Aimee Garcia

The Mexican and Puerto Rican RoboCop actress opened up about why keeping up with the quinceañera tradition was so special to her. "Being born in Chicago, I was far from Mexico and its traditions, so my quinceañera connected me to my roots," Aimee told MisQuince. "I was doing what my cousins in Mexico were doing. My quinceañera was also special to me because I went to a predominately Caucasian high school and was the ONLY girl in my class to have a quince. I felt like it was my duty to educate my peers. I had to represent!"