The Secret Behind Bruno Mars’ Sky-High Halftime Hair

The Secret Behind Bruno Mars’ Sky-High Halftime Hair
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We’re pretty sure it’s safe to say the best part of the Superbowl was Bruno Mars’ amazing performance and can we talk about that hair? He owns the modern pompadour ‘do (being half Puerto Rican and blessed with great texture probably helps). “The Men’s Groomer” and Dove Men+Care hair expert, Jason Schneidman, styled the singer for the epic event and we got all the details on what he used, how to get your guy to switch up his look, and what Bruno said right before taking the stage.

Describe Bruno's hair look for his Halftime performance: 

Jason Schneidman: Bruno’s performance was classic, yet unique and incredible, and I really wanted a look to reflect that. The hair look I created is what I like to call the “modern pomp,” so I made his hair really piece-y and texturized for a messy, modern pompadour that has my own spin on it. 

Bruno was known for rocking a very stylized pompadour hairstyle before transitioning to his more natural “fromp" (fro/pomp) as his fans like to call it—describe that hair evolution:

JS: Bruno’s work as an artist is constantly growing and evolving – it only makes sense that his style would do the same. Every artist wants to start out their career safe to appeal to their audience, but as they become more comfortable in their role, they tend to experiment with their look and push boundaries to find what really works for them, so I’ve really tried to help him with that via his hair. When I first started working with Bruno, he was still rocking the very stylized pompadour, but I suggested that he embrace his natural curls to reflect the “effortless cool” look I always aspire to. After the curls, we were looking to refine his look a little bit, so I transitioned his hair into the amazing shape it’s in now which still embraces his natural hair and the “effortless cool,” but is just a little bit more stylized.

Do you see a trend in Hollywood with celebrities embracing their natural texture more?

JS: Absolutely! Stars like Jared Leto and Russell Brand have been rocking their natural texture for years, and it’s only going to pick up. It’s a no-fuss, easy look to maintain, and I think we’re going to see more stars embracing their natural look, growing out their hair, and even experimenting with the “man bun,” which is so popular right now. 

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