The Secret Behind Bruno Mars’ Sky-High Halftime Hair

The Secret Behind Bruno Mars’ Sky-High Halftime Hair
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How did you prep and style his hair for tonight? 

JS: I had Bruno wash his hair two days before the show, and I recommended the new Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo, which makes hair 3X stronger with a revitalizing kick of active freshness.Then, the day before, I had him rinse out his hair with water so that when he sat down in my chair, his hair had the lived-in look that delivers awesome style. I started prepping his hair by putting Crème and Mousse in so that he would have a little shine in his hair and some extra texture. Then I combed it through with a comb and then my fingers and then I shook out his hair to let the curls bounce out a little more. I then used my Men’s Groomer brush, which is a small round brush, to build up the pompadour in the front, and then I finished with a light misting of hairspray since I knew he’d need the staying power for his performance.

JS: “Dude, I’m going on stage, hurry up.” 

What do you love about working with the singer?

JS: Bruno’s very real, creative, and fun. He’s high-energy, and he has true talent as an artist, and also has a great heart. 

What are your tips for our readers trying to get their guy to try a new hairstyle or just manicure their current look more?

JS: You should definitely hit up the salon/barbershop with your guy! When you go together, you can work with the hairstylist and recommend options and looks for him. I also recommend buying the product as a gift—they’re more likely to use it if they have it on hand, rather than having to go out and purchase it. 

Who are some of your hair icons?

JS: I love Ricky Ricardo’s hair. It’s always classic and polished-looking. I also love J.Lo’s hair. She always looks amazing on American Idol.