Anjelah Johnson's Best Skits!

Happy birthday, Anjelah Johnson! The Mexican and Native American comedian turns 32 today. We're honoring Anjelah on her special day by taking a look at some of her most hilarious stand-up comedy skits over the past few years. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: There are more, we just couldn't track down YouTube videos for them!)

1. Nail Salon

In what could possibly be our favorite skit of all time, "Nail Salon," Anjelah hilariously recounts a time when she went to get a manicure and got more than she bargained for.

2. No You Can Not Use My Toothbrush

Anjelah shares her confusion as to why her husband would ask to use her toothbrush in this "No You Can Not Use My Toothbrush" skit.

3. Dating Habits

Nothing quite like having mami tell you, "Why don't you date this guy? He's cute." In her skit "Dating Habits," Anjelah cracks us up explaining her moms tireless attempts to get her out there with whomever she thinks could be a good match for her daughter.

4. Held Up at Gun Point

Anjelah makes light of a scary situation in "Held Up at Gun Point."

5. Black Guys Don't Like Me

In Anjelah's "Black Guys Don't Like Me" skit, the 32-year-old funny gal tackles tactics used by guys to hit on women, and why black guys don't like her.

6. Suprise I Am Not a Lesbian

Anjelah talks about her wedding day and people mistaking her for a lesbian in her "Surprise I Am Not a Lesbian" skit.

7. Flight Attendant

For her "Flight Attendant" skit, Anjelah brought back her super funny and beloved personality, Bon Qui Qui.