EXCLUSIVE: Amber Montana Talks Nickelodeon's 'The Haunted Hathaways'

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Born in Florida, 15-year-old Amber Montana knew at a very early age that she wanted to pursue acting. The Spanish and Cuban American cutie is the lead in Nickelodeon's new comedy series, The Haunted Hathaways.

Amber stars as Taylor Hathaway in this show that follows the Hathaway family as they move into a new neighborhood and are suprised to see their house is haunted by a ghost family

We caught up with the bright-eyed actress to talk about her role on the Nickelodeon show, her love for Selena Gomez, and more! Check out our entire interview with Amber below:

Let's talk about your Haunted Hathaways character Taylor.

She’s just a typical teenage girl and she gets put into this situation that’s definitely not so typical. She lives in this house and ends up finding out that it’s actually occupied by a ghost. So the show is basically about her trying to fit into this whole new situation and balance it with her life of being a typical teenage girl.

Have you ever visited a haunted house?

Yeah, I actually have. I’ve been to a couple of  haunted places before. I actually worked in one, one week, and it was so cool! All my friends that were working on it, we were all like ghost hunting and stuff. A couple of my apartments I swear were haunted!

Would you say this worked as good research for this role?

Yeah. I would say so. But in real life I’m definitely more interested in it. Taylor was not open to it at all. She really was scared and thought the situation was weird. For me, however, whenever I find out that something is haunted, I think it’s really cool.

What’s your favorite part of being on the show?

For me, I think it’s really cool because I get to work with all the special effects. There’s a lot of messy stunts that go on and messy stunts are my favorite things to do. I love getting to do that and I also love getting to work with the cast because we are all like one big family! We all get along so well. It’s like working with my best friends every week.

Oh, that's great! Now I know when the show first started out, you all had met Carlos Pena, Jr. from Big Time Rush. What was that like?

It was really good to meet him because he’s such a cool, humble, normal guy. People think of him as a celebrity...he’s not. He’s just a cool guy and it was so awesome to meet him because all of us on the show have grown up watching Big Time Rush. It was just such a good feeling! He’s really sweet and so fun to hang out with.

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