EXCLUSIVE: Adrienne Bailon Talks 'Celebrities Undercover,' 'The Real' & Her Relationship

Adrienne Bailon attends the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2014 Presentation
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Adrienne Bailon has been keeping busy -- pulling pranks on fans! The 30-year-old Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian beauty recently filmed an episode for Oxygen's Celebrities Undercover.

The half-hour long series features two celebrities per episode concealing their true identity with the use of prosthetic make-up to find out what unsuspecting fans and friends really think of them without the distraction of their famous personas.

"The celebrities featured in the series threw themselves into their undercover roles with passion and a ton of humor, giving viewers a new, highly entertaining spin on their public personas," said Wendy Williams, Executive Producer of Celebrities Undercover.

Over the weekend we got the chance to chat with Bailon to hear all about her upcoming Celebrities Undercover episode, the return of The Real, a new reality competition show she'll be hosting and more!

Read our full interview with the lovely star below:

What made you decide to sign and do the show?

I’m a huge prankster! I love pulling pranks on all my friends and this show is just going to give me the opportunity to do it on a whole other level, with obviously the hair and makeup staff – they literally transform me and [we] pull off the craziest prank ever.

What was the most fun about going undercover?

Honestly, hearing people talk about me as if I wasn’t even there. It was like being a fly on the wall. I love the fact that nobody knew it was me and were discussing me, and literally people were giving me their honest opinion and I think that was hilarious.

Did you learn anything from it?

As a teenager I really wanted braces, so we asked if my character could get braces and what I learned is that I’m really glad I didn’t have them. Even having them in for a few minutes was somewhat painful but I did get to use them later on for a fun Halloween costume. What I learned was…I know it sounds weird, but the eyes really are the windows to people. You can tell who someone is by their eyes. Even with my disguise, the one thing that gave me away was my eyes. You’ll see – you have to see the whole episode but the eyes are a dead giveaway.

Now the whole premise behind it is to find you a boyfriend, but also to really find out if these men want to be with you for you or if they’re just seeking fame. Would you say this was always a trust issue for you?

I don’t have trust issues in that sense because I usually surround myself with people who are really grounded and everyone I’ve dated I’ve known for a really long time before dating them. Most of the time my relationships start off as friendships and that’s usually how you can weed out who’s real and who’s fake.

Speaking of relationships, we follow you on Instagram and saw that you posted a photo of you and your boyfriend. We think this is the first time you’ve showed him off to the public in that way – what prompted your decision?

We’ve been together for five years and it wont be something you’ll be seeing very often, but it was a milestone birthday. Plus, I think I with us just getting older and being more established in our relationship makes it easier to share. I think when things are starting out [they] should be kept private, and we still value our privacy, but I think there’s a difference between a relationship being a secret than a relationship being private. We are not a secret, we are just private. You won’t see us on there everyday, where we’re eating, where we’re going – it was a big milestone birthday for him, it was his 40th, and we were both celebrating and sort of putting that out there.

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