OMG Carlos Santana's Gift to DJ Khaled Is Wild, Wild, Wild!

If you haven’t heard Dj Khaled’s "Wild Thoughts," you're probably living under a rock. The hypnotizing single has been topping charts since it dropped, complete with the perfect combination of Rihanna’s insane sex appeal and Bryson Tiller’s hot bars. But this match-made-in-heaven isn’t all of Khaled’s doing. If the song makes you nostalgic, it's because the familiar guitar beat heavily samples Carlos Santana's iconic and unforgettable 1999 love song "Maria Maria"—and we cannot get enough.

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And it turns out we aren’t the only ones obsessed with this summer smash hit, either. In June, the 41-year-old Mexican musician co-signed the track to Billboard saying, “Maria Maria" was and will always be that feel-good summer song that speaks to women, and 'Wild Thoughts' is an extension of that summer song vibe that is timeless." He adds, "I am honored that DJ Khaled, Rihanna & Bryson felt the intense intentionality of 'Maria Maria' and have shared this summer vibe with the world.” 

And the praise didn’t just stop there, Santana backed up his words by presenting Khaled with a heartfelt gift like no other: He took to Instagram to reveal an amazing guitar signed by Santana himself in honor of the song’s success!


In the clip he expresses his immense gratitude by saying, "Carlos Santana, thank you so much, this is so big for me." He added, "This is legendary. I appreciate it. And thank you for your greateness, for inspiring me to make one of my biggest records ever called 'Wild Thoughts' featuring me, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller." What makes this even better is DJ Khaled's adorable son, Asahd, as he makes a cameo in the video and gives his stamp of approval for the gift!


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Whether you hate him or you love him, Khaled continuously proves to us that all he does is win, win, win.