Call to Action: The Immigration Crisis

Letter from the Editorial Director

During the past few months, we’ve watched with a growing sense of disbelief as officials in Arizona, Nebraska and a number of other state and local governments across the country have launched a full-scale attack against Latino immigrants, both documented and undocumented.

Whether or not you agree with these actions, the one thing we, as Americans—in a country that was built, and continues to be built, by immigrants—should all be able to agree on is that singling out this population with words of condemnation and actions of discrimination simply has to stop.

That’s why we’ve created this dedicated “Call to Action” page on Our goal is to encourage Latinas everywhere to get involved in what is emerging as a vital issue not only for our community, but—with some of the attacks aimed at the basic rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution—for our entire nation.

Going forward, you can visit this page to find a clearinghouse of information that includes the latest news on immigration issues, as well as a roundup of how celebrities are getting involved and suggestions for how to make your voice heard. Our hope is that, with the help of, each and every one of you will productively channel your passion into this serious debate.

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