Applicants Get Huge Surprise When Applying For "World's Toughest Job"

Applicants Get Surprise When Applying For "World's Toughest Job"

No salary. No benefits. No sleep. No vacation. No lunch break.

These are some of the requirements for the "world's toughest job."

A Boston company named Rehtom, Inc. placed a classified ad looking to fill a "Director of Operations" position. The job required the employee to work 135+ hours a week, and asked the job-holder to be on call at all times -- day or night. There was no lunch break, except after their associate had eaten. The employee could not eat until after their associate was sleeping. Oh, and the best part? No pay.

Only 24 people responded to this job, and the company interviewed them via Skype. That's when the applicants got a huge surprise! Watch the video until the end -- it's well worth it: