EXCLUSIVE: Wilmer Valderrama Talks Calle Ocho & His Date Night Style

Wilmer Valderrama at the CoverGirl & Tide Style Center at Calle Ocho
Getty Images

We hear you’re officially off the market. How do you like your date to look for a night out or a walk on the red carpet?

“I like women that actually care, like when they take care of their nails and their feet -- that’s a statement. To me that’s pretty cool! When I see women, no matter how hot the day is like today at Calle Ocho, and they still care about how they look, that to me is beautiful.”

Not to get too personal here but you smell really good. What are you wearing?

“It’s Tide! One of the best things that they have ever created are the Tide Pods. As a man, I don’t know how to measure the right amount in those little cups. [laughs] Now I just toss the Pods in a wash before going to work and when I get back it’s ready to go in the dryer. So what you’re smelling is definitely the Tide in my clothes.”

Fans were obsessed with the Salud Gang! Any plans to collaborate again with Sky Blu, Sensato, and Reek Rude in the future?

“We’ve talked about doing Salud Part 2. We’re trying to figure it all out now. It was a blast and we hope to create another epic music video. I’m wrapping my head around some concepts right now. Sensato, Rick, and Sky Blu are such a talented group of people that I’m down to do anything with them. I’m grateful that Billboard showed us a lot of love. Our song [Salud] was in the top 30 of the charts.

I also have a bunch of my own music coming out later this summer. I’m excited to dabble a little bit and have a little fun."