Why Selena Stopped Using Her Parents as Managers

Why Selena Stopped Using Her Parents as Managers
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The entertainment industry is known for young celebrities having a hybrid in their lives: the momager. Part parent, part manager, the roles can work to have the best interest of the star in mind -- but it can also lead to strained relationships and bad decisions. Now it seems Selena Gomez, 21, is ready for a new change of pace, as she drops the "manager" from her parents' titles.

The young star cut off the managing ties this month with mom Mandy Teefey and stepdad Brian Teefey. According to E! News, the split is amicable and has been in the works for about a year. 

"This has been going on for awhile," a source told E!. "This didn't just happen yesterday."

The source continued: "Listen, it makes sense because someone doesn't want their parents managing them for their whole career. It wasn't about her parents doing something wrong or bad feelings, it was more about Selena getting older and being more independent."

And while Mandy and Brian Teefey will continue to work on projects that were already in the works before the split, they'll also be devoting more time to helping other clients - not Selena.

"They decided it's better to focus on being a family than talking about business all the time," the source said.