EXCLUSIVE: Victor Rasuk Talks 'Godzilla' & 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Victor Rasuk attends the premiere of Godzilla

Victor Rasuk definitely knows how to make it in America!

The 30-year-old Dominican American has a role in this summer's Godzilla, which brings back to life one of the world's most revered monsters. We caught up with the super funny and down-to-earth star to talk all things Godzilla, while also making sure to snag up a few details for you about his next film, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Check it all out in our exclusive interview:

Let’s talk about your character Tre Morales.

He’s basically just a young dude who wants to get home to his family, and just like Aaron Johnson’s character [Ford], he wants to get home to his family. I think that’s why you don’t really see the connection [between them] in the movie, but you can kind of see that there’s a little something between those two because I think there’s a camaraderie. But at the end of the day, the movie is basically about trying to stop Godzilla from world destruction, and that’s what my character plays on the military part, trying to stop that.

Yes, definitely. Now, your role is relatively small but still important because, as you said, you do develop this relationship with Ford. But being that it is small, what made you decide to sign on and do the film? Were you just always a huge Godzilla fan?

Yeah! What was I guess the deciding factor in being a part of this is that, yeah, I was such a huge fan of the 1954 version. It was like a kid’s dream come true. I was like, “Yo, I need to get up in this movie!” You know and obviously after seeing the 1998 version – which was not my favorite version obviously, and I think [it was like that] for a lot of people – you know, I had my reservations about it. But then, as time went on they were saying who was going to get cast and who was cast already, and I was like, oh they’re trying to make this legit. So I went in just like every actor in Hollywood went in and auditioned. I got the role and then I read the script. I was like, oh yeah this is going close to the 1954 version, which is the best version that I’ve ever seen or read. So that’s what made me want to sign on for it.

Okay. What would you say sets this particular Godzilla film apart from all the others?

Well, I think just the graphics alone. I think that Godzilla looks like Godzilla should’ve looked in all the other versions. And I think, besides that, in this day and age with the CGI…the CGI is just ridiculous. I think that they catch every detail, and especially not with just only Godzilla, but also – and I don’t want to give this away – but the other creatures let’s just say. I think that with both – with the new creatures that people are going to see, they’re going to be blown away by all the battle scenes and just the devastation and all the graphics. This one has more than any of the other films that I’ve seen in the past – since the 1954 version, that is.

Right, now, why do you think Godzilla fans will love it?

I think they’ll love it just for the simple fact that if they’re true fans, they’re going to know about the Mothras. They’re also going to see that this version of Godzilla looks like the best one and the most original one with the big spikes and the size of Godzilla. I mean he’s taller than the – what’s the name of that building in San Francisco? The Transamerica building? Is that what it’s called? The pointy building?


Yeah, so he’s bigger than the other versions. You can also see the scales on his skin and the spikes on his back. You know, it’s just everything about it – it’s so dark and the whole film is just so action-packed!

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