EXCLUSIVE: Victor Rasuk Talks 'Godzilla' & 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


Why do you think this is such a beloved character? It’s been so many years and the fans just don’t die down.

I think there’s this fascination with the enormity of not only his physical being, but also just the voice and the fire – the fire spitting or whatever you call it. I think people are just fascinated because what other creature or monster has that? Or even close to it? Nothing. So I think it’s one of those things where really nothing can compare. Not King Kong – King Kong was huge, but King Kong don’t be spitting fire! King Kong don’t got spikes! King Kong don’t got a tale that’ll split you in two depending on what creature you are. You know?

You have a good point there. So which scene is your favorite?

My favorite scene is the scene when Bryan Cranston is locked up in Tokyo in the little interrogation room and he’s like, “You guys have a secret and you guys can’t hide it and I know!” That sh*t was so gangsta.

Editors Note: Watch a clip from the scene Victor Rasuk is referring to below.

Okay, cool [Laughs]. Sum up in one sentence why everyone should go see this film.

People should go see Godzilla this summer because it’s the first big movie this summer that is action-packed, it has a human element to it, and it’s the closest to the original version that you will ever see.

Good answer! So, you’re going to be in Fifty Shades of Grey. What was your initial reaction after you found out you were cast?

In the beginning, I was just really super happy to be a part of it because obviously the fans – well, I guess the amount of attention. Then when I read it, I realized what all the craziness was about. I actually really enjoyed the book. It’s the kind of reading that I actually really enjoy just personally. But also what really excited me about when I got cast in the film is that I am really good friends with the filmmaker, and it’s always great to work with someone that you consider a friend and that you love dearly. So in a way, it was an excuse to work with another friend. So that was my initial reaction.

Obviously, as time went on, and all the paparazzi stuff – you know that just comes with the territory -- it’s just one of those things and you just take it as it is, and you don’t make that much of a big deal about it. Because for us what was important – and I mean us as in everyone creatively who was a part of it – is that we wanted to be as exact as possible, not only for us but also for the fans. For us, once we started filming, it was about being as true to it and doing it justice for the fans.

And have you guys wrapped up filming? We hear the film is due out early next year. Is that right?

Yeah, yeah. We just wrapped in late February. It’s coming out Valentine’s Day 2015, which I will be on the cover of Latina before that…or after depending [Laughs]. So, yeah, it’s coming out Valentine’s weekend, and I’m excited! I think the fans are going to be really excited. It’s just one of those things that I had such a great time doing it – like Godzilla – so I’m very excited, and I’ll be promoting it too. [I’m] really eager to see what people think about it!

Godzilla stomps into theaters Friday, May 16! Are you planning to see it?

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